Mum’s agonising wait for legal aid

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A SCARBOROUGH mother is facing an agonising wait to discover whether she will be granted legal aid in her battle to get her late fiance’s name added to their child’s birth certificate.

Tammy Scott, of Auborough Street, who gave birth to Alenka Peta Scott-Wilson in January, is determined to get Peter Wilson’s name added to the document.

But because the couple were not married when Peter passed away suddenly in July last year, she will have to go through the courts to obtain a Declaration of Parentage.

Tammy, 34, who is being represented by Thorpe and Co. solicitors in Scarborough, has learned that it could be months before she discovers whether her legal aid application is granted, leaving her life in limbo.

She said: “They told me they didn’t know how long it would take because they’ve never had to deal with anything like this before. I feel I can’t move on.

“If I don’t get legal aid I’ll just have to somehow save up. I will get there eventually. It is very important to both of us to have that acknowledgement.”

Blood samples, which would prove Peter’s paternity, are being held by the Coroner.

But Tammy has been told she will have to go through a private Ministry of Justice approved firm to obtain them.

Since her story featured in the Evening News last week, Tammy has attracted sympathy from all over world. She has featured on a blog on the US-based Huffington Post website.

Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill has also taken an interest in Tammy’s case.

He wrote to the Home Secretary after her story was first featured in the Evening News last year. He shared the reply he received from the Identity and Passport Service with Tammy.

Sarah Rapson, chief executive and registrar general, said Tammy may be able to apply for a Declaration of Parentage herself at a magistrates court, resulting in lower costs, and would not necessarily have to be represented by a solicitor.

Mr Goodwill said: “I can see why in law we do need some sort of process with proof about who is the father.

“In Tammy’s case she only wants Peter’s name on the birth certificate because of the strong feelings she has.

“But in other cases there would be monetary considerations.”