Mum's thank you for overwhelming support for little Lucas-Rylie

Lucas-Rylie with brother Tyler and mum Tara Baker. And Lucas with his new helmet

“Thank you doesn’t even cut it” says a Bridlington mum who is overwhelmed by the community who have rallied together to support her son.

Beaming Lucas-Rylie now has the special helmet his mum Tara has been fundraising for after the 10-month-old was diagnosed with plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome.

Cliffe House Nursery fundraiser

The single mum had to raise £2,200 to pay for the special helmet and treatment which has already made a massive improvement in just two weeks.

But despite a huge boost from the community, Tara is £500 shy of the total which needs to be paid in two weeks time.

Tara, who is a social worker specialising in child protection and safeguarding issues, said: “People often say that community spirit isn’t the same as it used to be, but I’ve just been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received.

“People who are just strangers have donated money. I’ve received countless messages of support.

“This is proof to me that when someone is in need the community will come together.” Almost £1,000 has been raised on Tara’s Just Giving page and Bridlington Round Table are donating £500 to the cause.

Cliffe House Nursery, which Lucas-Rylie attends, also pulled together to support the toddler and held a fundraiser which Tara says raised around £50. Children and staff dressed up in bright clothing and fun headgear to support their classmate.

A family member has also been fundraising which leaves the total outstanding at around £500.

“I can’t thank people enough. The support has been so overwhelming I’m just so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far.”

Little Lucas-Rylie received his specialist helmet, decorated with rockets, two weeks ago and at his first check-up it has already shown a massive improvement.

He was classed as severe but graphs show the helmet is already making a difference and Lucas-Rylie is heading in the right direction.

There is no treatment on the NHS because it is classed as cosmetic, said Tara.

The youngster could have needed open skull surgery if it hadn’t got any better by the age of one-and-a-half.

Tara was not willing to gamble and hope that the sitation would improve naturally.

“He’s doing really well wearing it. The helmet isn’t hurting but it’s quite intrusive. It would be like us sleeping in a bike helmet so I think he’s doing superb. He’s realised it protects his head too so he’s rolling around all over now. He’s fearless.”

Tara is organising a car wash to raise money before the final payment has to be made on Novemeber 20.

To donate to Tara’s appeal for Lucas-Rylie, click here.

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