Mummert and Nicholls claim top club awards

Christian Mummert
Christian Mummert

Scarborough Athletic Club celebrated a fine season when they hosted their annual Awards Presentation Night at the Scarborough Bowls Club.

A total of 107 awards were presented, reflecting a very successful year for the club, which had a significant increase in membership, and whose members achieved some notable results at county, regional and national championships.

Christian Mummert was crowned Champion Boy for the third successive year, during which he was once again the most successful in the Under-15 age group at cross country, track and field and road races.

Issy Nicholls, 12, became one of the youngest club members to receive the Champion Girl award.

This followed outstanding achievements when competing in the Under-13 Girls Division for the first year at cross country, fell racing, track and road races. She also gained a team silver medal at the Junior World Biathle Championships.

Jessica Raw was awarded the Junior Club Athlete of the Year following her outstanding performance in many track and field events which made a big contribution to the team results in the youth development League.

Joe Matique was awarded the Most Improved Boy trophy, and his sister Isabel Matique the Most Improved Girl.

Warren Foster and Leoni Bradnam were awarded the Senior Most Improved.

The Outstanding Effort Boy and Girl Awards went to Alfie Willis and Emily Carroll.

Lisa Bourne was the winner of the Richard Stone Trophy, which reflects the contribution someone makes by competing in numerous events.

The valuable support to the club by three members was duly recognised.

The Coach of the Year award went to Sue Lawal who is the senior coach and reflected not only the past year, but many previous years and the most valuable contribution the large amount of her time that has resulted in improved performance for the club’s young athletes.

The Contribution to Club Award went to Lyn Clegg for her work over six months involving the United Kingdom Athletics Clubmark.

The purpose of this is to ensure an accredited club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages, as well as helping parents and carers know that they’re choosing the right club for their young people.

Angela Jordan was awarded an additional Contribution to Club Award for her outstanding voluntary work over eight years of helping with all aspect of the Yorkshire Coast 10 kilometre road race, which included set-up and marshalling every year at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre area.

Other Awards

Cross Country

Under-11 Boys: C Hepples. Under-11 Girls: A Potter-Firth. Under-13 Girls: I Nicholls. Under-15 Boys: C Mummert, Under-15 Girls: J Casson. Under-17 Women: S Butterworth. Under-20 Women: E Clapton. Senior Men: T Cassidy. Senior Women: A Kolos. Over-35 Women: L Baker. Over-40 Men: C Duck. Over-40 Women: F Hethershaw. Over-45 Men: K Moment. Over-45 Women: L Bourne. Over-50 men: M May. Over-50 Women: J Graves. Over-55 Men: G Cromack. Over-55 Women: S Field. Over-60 Men: D Shipley. Over-60 Women: S Haslam. Over-65 Men: M Sweetlove. Overall Men: C Duck. Overall Women: E Clapton.

Participation Trophy: D Hepples.

Fell running

Under-14 Girls: I Nicholls. Under-20 Women: E Clapton. Senior Women: N Carr. Over-40 Men: D Walls. Over-40 Women: S Louth. Over-55 Women: J Hamp. Over-60 Women: S Haslam. Over-65 Men: N Scruton. Overall Men: D Parke. Overall Women: J Clayton

Road running

Under-20 Men: C Mummert. Under-20 Women: S Butterworth. Senior Men: J Kraft. Senior Women: H Mainprize. Over-35 Women: R Haslam. Over-40: C Duck. Over-40 Women: E Simmons. Over-45 Men: P Markham. Over-45 Women: B May. Over-50 Men: I Nicholls. Over-50 Women: J Graves. Over-55 Men: D Swift. Over-55 Women: S Field. Over-60 Men: D Shipley. Over-60 Women: S Haslam. Over-65 Men: N Scruton. Over-65 Women: L Raper. Over-75 Men: M Thompson. Male Overall: JK Kraft. Female Overall: R Haslam.

Marathon Men: A Fleming. Marathon Women: J Abbott

10K Series Men: J Kraft. Women: R. Haslam.


Boy: D Tomlinson. Girl: I Louth

Track and Field

Boys Under-11 Combined & Under-13 Track Boy: A Willis. Girl: J Raw. Under- 13 Field Boy: D Barf. Girl: J Raw. Under-15 Track Boy: S Parker-Williams, Girl: K Robinson. Under-15 Field Boy: C Mummert. Girl: H Ellam. Under-17 Track Boy: J Villa-Forden. Girl: S Butterworth. Under-20 Men: S Cullen. Women Under-20 Field: C Warren. Under-20 Women: B. Mills. Multi Event: C Mummert.