Music gathering with a difference

THEREMIN players from all over the world converged on Scarborough for the first ever international symposium held outside of London.

Fans of the unusual musical instrument travelled far and wide for the event, called Hands Off 2011, which will run until Monday.

One of the highlights is set to be a concert at the Spa Theatre tomorrow, when theremin players will take on classical pieces of music.

During a gathering in the North Riding pub in North Marine Road, local enthusiast Anthony Springall even managed to “play a pint” by wiring up the first pint of a specially-brewed Hands Off Theremin Beer.

The theremin is an electronic instrument invented in 1919 by Leon Theremin. It was used in the title music of the detective series Midsomer Murders.

Film buffs may recognise the sound of the theremin from The Day the Earth Stood Still.