Musicians hit high note

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WHAT started as a month’s booking has stretched out to a year for Paul Tilley and Tom Townsend.

Initially Paul and Tom were not sure if it would work for more than one month, but Tap and Spile landlord Mick Mancrief had no doubts.

“Sometimes residencies can get a bit boring, especially if people play the same songs all the time, but Paul and Tom don’t,” Mick says.

“They have a huge repertoire of covers and originals and present it in a way that is accessible and entertaining for everyone of all ages.

“They also have the ability to play songs in any style, often off the top of their heads, with no rehearsal. Recently, for example, they played the theme tune to Jim’ll Fix It in tribute to Jimmy Saville and it was brilliant”.

One of the duo’s regular followers, Pauline Dent, says: “I can’t miss my Wednesdays. It’s different every time and it’s a brilliant atmosphere”.

The first anniversary of Tilley & Townsend’s weekly sessions is at the Tap tonight, when a growing band of regulars will probably be out in force.

They play everything from jazz standards to punk covers and mostly perform on guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion. A recent gig in Sedgefield was filmed and can be viewed on Youtube.