My hope for the new year by Vicky

Dad Steven Waters ready to fundraise for Daughter Vicky..Picture Richard Ponter 125217a
Dad Steven Waters ready to fundraise for Daughter Vicky..Picture Richard Ponter 125217a

A brave Scarborough teenager battling bone cancer has set herself one New Year’s resolution – to get better in 2013.

Vicky Waters, of The Meads in Eastfield, underwent an operation to remove the bones in her left arm and shoulder in October last year.

After a brief break over Christmas the 14-year-old is returning to Leeds General Infirmary on Monday for another course of chemotherapy as she continues to fight the disease.

In honour of her bravery her dad Steven Waters has pledged to raise funds for the Sick Children’s Trust.

The charity has provided accommodation at the hospital for Mr Waters, enabling him to stay with his daughter while she undergoes her treatment.

Vicky, who is a pupil at George Pindar School, says having her dad nearby and knowing he is there is a big help for her when she is having treatment.

She said: “Its good to have him there, I know I can just ring him if I want him.

“The chemo makes me really poorly sometimes. I just try to sleep it off, but its good having my dad there to make me feel better.

“I’m just looking forward to it all going and to getting better. I want to get back to school and see my friends again.”

Vicky was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in May last year after finding a lump on her arm.

A major operation followed in October, which involved a total humeral, shoulder and elbow replacement.

Just two days after surgery at Birmingham Royal Orthapaedic Hospital the brave youngster was up on her feet showing great signs of recovery.

The chemotherapy she is now undergoing is expected to finish in February, and will be followed up by an aftercare drug, lasting around 36 weeks.

Throughout her time in Leeds Generaly Infirmary Vicky’s dad Mr Waters has been able to stay overnight at the hospital thanks to the Sick Childrens Fund, which runs onsite accommodation for relatives at Eckersley House.

To raise money for the cause Mr Waters will be doing a sponsored half head and beard shave, dying the remaining hair bright pink.

Mr Waters said: “They are a really good charity. They have given me a room and provided me with a home from home so I can be with Vicky.

“I would be lost without them. They are a shoulder to cry on and without them life would be so much more difficult.

“The idea behind the shave is it will represent someone going through treatment and someone who isn’t. Dying the other side pink is just a bit of fun to go with it.”

Mr Waters, who is currently growing a beard in preparation for the fundraiser, will go under the razor on Valentines Day after which he hopes to take Vicky out for a meal.

He is hoping to raise £1,000 for cause as a thank you.

To sponsor Mr Waters visit Alternatively you can sponsor Mr Waters by text message. Text VIKY47 £1 to 70070 to sponsor £1, or change the amount to however much you would like to sponsor.

Mr Waters is also looking for a local hairdresser or barber to help him with the shave.