“My part in tree fight isn’t over”

Mark Snow relaxes in the Valley pub catching up with Evening News coverage..113889b
Mark Snow relaxes in the Valley pub catching up with Evening News coverage..113889b

MARK “Snoz” Snow was still coming back down to earth yesterday, after his one-man protest capitulated him and Irton into the national limelight.

After spending more than four days in the beech tree he agreed to swap places with another protester, Charles Ledger, but he insists his part in the battle to save the tree is not over.

“I’m enthusiastic about doing my bit from the ground,” Snoz said. “I didn’t get up there to seek publicity – it was all about saving the tree.

“Charles seems like a competent chap. He has his own commendable reasons for what he is doing.”

Snoz has not ruled out another stay in the beech tree if necessary.

“It’s strange but I am missing it a bit,” he said. “I’ll look back very fondly on my four days there. It was getting easier and if Charles hadn’t had turned up, I’d still be up there without a doubt.”

After he left the tree, Snoz was driven to his parents’ house in Flixton.

Then, following a much-needed toilet break and shower, he was cooked a steak dinner and headed to The Valley pub in Valley Road, Scarborough. There, he received a standing ovation from the bar’s other regular customers and beer tokens from the landlord.

“It was a nice welcome,” he said. “I had a chat with quite a few people and a few pints with my mates.

“Then I got home and slept. It was nice to sleep perfectly horizontally.”

Snoz returned to the tree yesterday and passed on his knowledge to his replacement, who he had never met before he offered to take his place.

“I’ve given him a few tips on life in the tree,” Snoz said. “I also took him a few things that I found useful while I was up there.

“The campaign will carry on. We’re going to keep on trying to save the tree.”

Snoz’s father, Peter, said that while he was proud of his son’s actions, he was also pleased that he would not face legal action.

“We are all relieved, especially his mum,” Peter said. “We think he’s done a terrific job and he has done some good, but it’s nice to have him down.”