Mysterious hole in Scarborough inspires artist

Alan Stuttle with his painting of the roadworks.
Alan Stuttle with his painting of the roadworks.

An artist and gallery owner inspired by a mystery hole – or work of art – has painted the view from his window.

More than six weeks ago a hole appeared in North Marine Road outside Alan Stuttle’s gallery surrounded by roadwork signs, which have since been vandalised by passers-by.
When no further work seemed to be carried out on the hole, Alan said he spoke to the council and the water board who both claimed the responsibility does not belong to them.
Inspired by the disruptive, but “wonderful”, hole, Alan has painted the view from his window.
Alan said: “This wonderful artwork was designed to disrupt all parking places outside my gallery in North Marine Road. For the past six weeks or more its beautiful design keeps getting changed by day and by night by the ‘artists in residence’ in the area.
“I wonder if the owner would like to display this fine artwork in the Tate Modern, where it would find a great following I am sure it would fit in so very well along with other disgusting creations and show what art can really do for people in Yorkshire . I do hope it finds a good home and people to take care of it, and perhaps they could just fill in the hole.”

The mystery of the hole has since been solved. The hole is not man-made but is a sink hole which occurred a few months ago.

North Yorkshire County Council highways officer attended the reporting of a sink hole in the carriageway at the end of August.

Contractors were called out the same day to place signs and barriers in order to ‘make safe’.

Yorkshire Water were asked to attend and undertake investigations into the state of sewers & clean water supplies and reported no faults.

The county council highways officers are monitoring the site and must now undertake an investigatory excavation to establish the cause of the void.