Mystery remains as fish death tests show no toxins

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Mystery still surrounds the demise of hundreds of fish at a Scarborough lake, after tests revealed the water was free of any deadly pollutants.

Scarborough Council staff were forced to wade through the partially drained waters of Peasholm Lake in March to pluck out approximately 150 dead fish.

The authority launched an investigation alongside the Environment Agency in a bid to find out what had killed the fish, and environmental services chief Andy Skeleton said water samples would be collected to try and find the cause.

However, Scarborough Council has now told The Scarborough News that the samples showed ‘no trace’ of any pollutants.

Before the deaths, the scenic lake had been partially drained in order to carry out essential maintenance work on the bandstand.

At the time, it had been suggested that too much water had been drained, and that the fish had simply ‘froze to death’.

Another theory explored by the council was that the fish were killed due to a decrease in oxygen levels in the water.

Other wildlife in the lake, such as ducks and geese, were not affected by whatever caused the deaths.

A spokesperson for Scarborough Council said that the authority will continue to monitor the lake over the next few months.