Nae response to Scotland’s plans

SCARBOROUGH MP Robert Goodwill has poured scorn on a drive north of the border to make Scotland independent from the United Kingdom.

Mr Goodwill said moves to break clear from the union would present Scotland with greater problems rather than benefits.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has confirmed he intends to drive forward with a referendum on the contentious issue in 2014.

However, Mr Goodwill said any positives identified by Scottish ministers would be far outweighed by negative implications of an independent state.

He said: “I think Scotland is best served if they remain as part of the union.

“In terms of the economy, Scotland sgains from being part of the United Kingdom not least because of the flow of cash north of the border from government funding.

“It is a good idea to have a referendum to allow the people of Scotland to have their say.

“We have the nuclear submarine base at Faslane and if Scotland became independent there is the worry that jobs would be lost.

“Also, what would happen with the Scottish regiments? Would they still be in the British Army?”

Mr Goodwill told the Evening News he believed Mr Salmond was gambling on voters defecting from the current Conservative regime to boost his plans.

He added: “Alex Salmond hopes that something will come up and change the situation, maybe that the Conservative government will be so unpopular that people will look for an independent Scotland.

“I would hope that the Scottish people look at the referendum and use their heads rather than their hearts and see that Scotland is better served in the United Kingdom.”

Scotsman Jimmy Rice, landlord of the Castle Tavern, grew up in Greenock, but echoed Mr Goodwill’s fears of the effects an independent Scotland would have on his homeland.

He said: “I wouldn’t like to see the union split up.

“It could be a bad thing for all of the Scottish people if they break away because they would have to form their own government and that would not be easy. For me, becoming independent is not a good thing at this time.”