Naming ideas are flowing in

RE: Filey’s sculpture.

It’s time to sing Filey’s praises regarding their huge response to the naming suggestions of their giant sculpture. Ideas have been flowing in, especially from Filey’s Secondary School, along with those sent to the Scarborough News, and many left with Anne at Maynards on Murray Street. Anne has been a tower of strength throughout the project, bless her, and so pleased to help. Thanks a million, Anne!

Perhaps this is the time to extend sincere thanks also to those generous residents who helped raise money for a podium and plaque.

The podium is superb, and much admired. It really highlights the sculpture and has helped create a much-photographed focal point near Coble Landing.

It was only quite recently that we observed the plaque too, whilst visiting our much-admired Filey coast.

So, it just remains for the sculpture to receive his final naming.

We all have our favourites, but I believe Filey Council will shortly be making their decision from the hundreds of names collated.

May I take this opportunity of thanking them for the great part they have played in officially acquiring the gift, along with siting and maintaing the sculpture.

Filey’s a great resort, and we delight in visiting its local countryside and coastal scenes. Long may it remain so beautiful.

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Maureen and Michael Robinson

Malvern Crescent