Natalie back from adventure

Paul and Jane Bottomley, Richmond Avenue, Sowerby.
Paul and Jane Bottomley, Richmond Avenue, Sowerby.

A SCARBOROUGH teenager has volunteered in Uruguay for a month after being put in touch with an organisation called Everything’s Possible.

Natalie Read, 19, of Falsgrave, completed the volunteering opportunity working with children at a South American school.

The youngster lives in supported accommodation with Foundation, who support young people towards independence.

Since leaving home at 16 Natalie has faced many difficulties in her life, but feels she has turned her fortunes around with the support she has received for Foundation and Everything’s Possible.

The teenager was introduced to Everything’s Possible by her support worker at Foundation. They specialise in giving opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

She has completed months of training, travelling to Leeds for weekly sessions including Spanish lessons.

Natalie travelled with a group of young people from all over the country and stayed with a local family in Uruguay on a farm.

She says she formed some strong relationships with her fellow travellers and children in the school she worked at. She helped around the farm and gained experience milking cows.

Natalie also had free time while she was over there and visited the cities, met the president of Uruguay, and climbed a mountain.

She said: “I really enjoyed working with the children in the school and I would love to go back and do it again.”

Natalie also received support from the Scarborough Lions prior to setting off on her trip.

They kindly provided vouchers which enabled her to purchase clothes and other essentials needed for travelling overseas.

Audrey Carey was the contact with the Lions Club and one member also donated a suitcase for Natalie to use.

She said: “I am very grateful for the kindness the Lions showed me. Without their help I would not have been able to go at all.”

Natalie is hoping to go on further trips abroad as she can spend up to twelve months overseas with Everything’s Possible. She has already started planning her next volunteering opportunity.

A spokesman added that everyone at Foundation are very proud of what Natalie has achieved.