Naval Warfare history details

Naval Warfare @ Peasholm Park - 2014   10/08/2014
Naval Warfare @ Peasholm Park - 2014 10/08/2014

There is still time to catch a performance of Scarborough’s historic Naval Warfare as the summer season continues.

The unique attraction was the brainchild of George Horrocks, with the first performance taking place in around 1927.

Linda Harper, chairman of Peasholm Park Friends, said the performances had been well attended this summer, and have been positively received.

“The comments we have had from the public have been very positive,” Linda said, before adding: “I have been quite a few times and the audience get really well into it.”

When asked what makes Naval Warfare so special, Linda said: “I think it’s the way it has been passed down from generation to generation.

“As a child I went to it and then you take your children and grandchildren to it as well.

“The look on the children’s faces when they realise the boats aren’t all remote controlled and actually have people inside them is brilliant to see.”

The battles have historically attracted visitors from far and wide, and have been reported on and mentioned in many newspapers from all over the world and on television.

Despite the current battles placing far less emphasis on either World War, gunfire and smoke continue to fill the air, and the planes continue to drop bombs from above.

Shows take place at 3pm every Monday, Thursday and Saturday in August, as well as on September 1.

Tickets are £4 for adults and £2.20 for under-16s.

Peasholm Park has recently celebrated achieving Green Flag status, which puts the site among the best parks in Britain.

The award, handed out by Keep Britain Tidy, shows that the park has some of the best standards and facilities on offer. It also recognises the hard work that goes into keeping the parks looking smart.