Neglected area is like a bomb site

RE: Windmill site adjoining Southside Lift.

I enquired under the Freedom of Information Act made to the Town Hall, who was the owner of this site? I had it, in the back of mind, that the owner was, in fact, the council and I was proved right. This area looks like a bomb site, whilst it is under lease to Rubicon Pastimes Ltd, and not a spit from the Town Hall, the council has seen to neglect it year upon year, what an example to set.

The council expects some developer to step forward and begin some grandiose development on the Town Hall/Futurist site, dream on. The Town Hall will become a boarded up eyesore right in the middle of town.

Sorry to ramble on, I went to the John Barrowman show, great show but, sadly, poorly attended. The question is, what does the balance sheet for the Open Air Theatre look like? Who pays for the stage rigging, lighting, which, by the way was rotten, it was badly in need of a follow spot.

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road