New access to beach is just one idea to bring Eastborough to life

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People are being asked their ideas to help for a plan for a complete regeneration of Eastborough.

A working group has been set up to put together a bid for funding to try and breathe new life into the link between the town and the seafront.

The drive is being lead by Scarborough Borough Council’s investment manager Nick Taylor and the Academy of Urbanism group.

Mr Taylor is hosting a meeting at Scarborough’s Market Hall in St Helen’s Square on today from 2.30pm to 5pm and then on Saturday from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

He said he wanted to hear from as many people as possible.

He told The Scarborough News: “Eastborough is the link between the town centre and the seafront and we want to look at ways to make it somewhere people want to spend time, rather than just passing through.

“There are a whole host of things that we are looking at.

“These include possible traffic calming measures, looking at the flow of traffic and also the pavements.

“Could the pavements be widened to give pedestrians a bit more room to stop and browse in the windows of the stores down there.

“It could be that access to he beach could be looked at.

“Could that mean a new point of access? It is a possibility.”

The funding could be provided by the Coastal Communities Fund, the same body which recently awarded £2.7 million to completely overhaul the tired Market Hall.

It is hoped that the two projects could compliment each other.

Mr Taylor added: “We really want to rejuvenate that area of Scarborough.

“I am very keen to hear what ideas the residents and business owners in the Eastborough area have and I hope that as manu people as possible turn out to both sessions in the Market Hall.

“The more that come the better the ideas that will come out of the sessions to be put into the bid.”