New additions to the fold at Flamingo Land

editorial image

Two baby animals have joined the Flamingo Land family.

The zoo and theme park near Malton has welcomed a baby red panda and Rothschild giraffe in recent weeks.

The red panda was born in June, but for the first ten weeks, disturbance to the cub was kept to a minimum, allowing its mother to deliver the care required.

The cub is just beginning to explore the surroundings outside of the nest box.

Her parents, Tai Jang and Bai Jiao, have been resident at Flamingo Land for two years and have been on display since January 2014.

This is the pair’s first cub, so it is a very exciting time for staff, who are delighted with the cub’s progress so far.

The park is also delighted to announce the birth of a second Rothschild giraffe this year. It was born on August 20 and its parents are Mylene and George.

There are now 10 Rothschild giraffes within the Flamingo Land animal collection.