New care home for Barrowcliff?

A SITE of a former pub in Barrowcliff could be turned into a care home for the elderly after a new planning application was submitted to Scarborough Council.

Possible development of a similar scheme at the former Barrowcliff Hotel, in Barrowcliff Road, was halted at the beginning of last year following the collapse of Malton-based builders Redworth Construction.

But this month the council’s Planning Department received a fresh plan for a proposed care home and ancillary accommodation. It has been submitted by RDM Ltd and the plans have been drawn up by Beverley-based Salt Architects Ltd.

Cllr Bill Chatt, who represents residents living in the Woodlands Ward, said he did not feel it was the best use of the land. He added: “I never agreed with it in the first place and I think it’s the wrong place to put it.”

But he said that the site was derelict – the former pub was demolished in October 2008 – and better use needed to be made of it. He said: “It is in the middle of an area which is the main thoroughfare for kids going to school. Much needed affordable housing would be better for the area.”

Cllr Chatt said that other care providers were struggling in the current economic climate. He said: “It was far better as a pub because it was a community facility that people used.

“A lot of residents are saying to me that a care home is not what Barrowcliff needs.”

According to the new application the site already has planning permission, which was granted for the previous scheme in June 2008, and a consultation process with neighbours and interested parties – which is due to be completed by mid-June – began last week.

The proposed two-storey building would have In addition to the care home and accommodation there would also be space for refuse, cycle storage and car parking.

Under planning regulations the proposed development is classed as a major development – typically those consisting of more than 10 dwellings, or a site covering more than an acre or are a building with floorspace more than 1,000 square metres.

The deadline for a decision by Scarborough Council’s Planning and Development Committee is due to be made on the new plan by Friday, August 19.

The original planning permission was granted for home for up to 60 elderly people, and at the time it was claimed that it could create 15 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.

At the time bosses at Redworth Construction said the care home was needed because the number of people living longer was increasing.

Seven trees on the site were made the subject of a tree preservation order.

New trees and shrubs were to be planted at the back and front of the building.

At the time residents in nearby Gildercliffe said they were concerned about both noise, during construction and once completed, and that the home’s car park appeared too small.