New code of conduct for entertainers

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A PILOT code of conduct for street musicians and other entertainers has been launched by Scarborough Council.

It sets out how entertainers who perform in Scarborough’s main shopping precinct “can earn an honest buck”, while showing consideration and good manners to the business community as well as the thousands of people that shop in the town each day.

The council’s investment manager, Nick Taylor, said: “Scarborough is fortunate to have some terrific street musicians who add to the vibrancy of our town centre.

“The code of conduct sets out in clear terms what is expected of street entertainers, though to be fair, it’s mostly common sense and the vast majority who perform in the town centre are already polite and good-natured and careful not to cause a nuisance of themselves.”

The code of conduct says street entertainers should demonstrate a “positive intention to entertain passers-by, not to solicit money through sympathy”.

It says they should stop performing if requested to do so by a council officer or police officer and should attempt to co- ordinate and co-operate with fellow street entertainers.

The code states that street entertainers should not perform in areas where there is concentrated footfall, such as directly outside shop entrances and be careful not to build up an audience where they may come into conflict with traffic.

It says street entertainers should not perform in the same location for longer than an hour and must not cause a nuisance from loud or amplified music.

They should not sell merchandise and, if collecting for charity, should have the necessary street collection permit in place.

Street entertainers are also advised in the code that they should not perform under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A full copy of the Scarborough Code of Conduct for Street Musicians is available from administrative officer Mary Turnbull on (01723) 232324.

Alternatively, email