New drive over parking situation

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SCARBOROUGH’S mobile home visitors are to get a designated car park for overnight stays, it has been revealed.

Over the years, residents have complained on the issue of motorhomes being parked up in on-street parking bays and car parks without paying for overnight stays at designated caravan sites.

At a council meeting this week Cllr Alf Abbott, who has previously raised concerns, asked: “I’d like to know what the situation is going to be with motor homes in our car parks?

“When are the restrictions going up? When is it going to start?”

Cllr Andrew Backhouse, Scarborough Council’s portfolio holder for highways and transport, said that one of Scarborough’s car parks - as well as others in the borough - would be designated for mobile homes to stay overnight for a fee.

He said: “We can put the motor homes issue to bed.

“The parking review working group has been looking at this.

“People might say they don’t want them in certain places but if I was in one I’d like to know where I could park?

“There will be car parks in the Scarborough area that we agree as an authority to set aside for parking overnight.”

He added that the car park at Scalby Mills, next to the North Bay’s Sea Life Centre, would be the one for Scarborough and signs from the Department for Transport would be placed at hotspots on the road network banning stays between 11pm and 8am.

Areas in Scarborough where the signs would be placed would include Royal Albert Drive and the West Pier.

Cllr Backhouse said: “Everything needs to be in place at the same time and that’s what we are working on.”

News that the new powers were going to be introduced to tackle the problem of overnight parking was first revealed in the Evening News last month.

Speaking at the time Cllr Joe Plant, who sits on both the borough and the county councils, said that he had contacted Robert Goodwill MP about the issue last year and he had received a response back from the Department for Transport.

“They did say they were looking at simplifying the regulations,” he said.

According to a letter from Norman Baker MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State responsible for the issue, he said that local authorities could tackle the problem by imposing Traffic Regulation Orders.

He said: “The order sets out the type of vehicle to be controlled, at which locations and at what times.

“I have asked officials to look into simplifying this process.

As a follow-up to this I am happy to say that the Secretary of State has recently authorised a new sign that can be utilised by local authorities to ban the parking of motor caravans on their road networks.”

Cllr Backhouse had previously highlighted the issue in a Scarborough Council report dated May 2009.