New feathered friends are settling in

THERE are some new arrivals at St Peter’s School going by the name of Pipka, Daisy, Sophie and Mrs Feathers.

No they’re not a new teacher and pupils but rescued ex-battery chickens that are new being housed and looked after by the school.

The idea was put into motion by Year 1 teacher Sarah Agar who contacted the British Hen Welfare Trust about taking in the feathered friends.

The four hens are impartial to a bit of clucking, but Miss Agar said they are settling in well to their new home which was donated by Pets at Home.

She said: “She said: “It’s been a real community effort; Pets at Home donated a run and house and they came and did a talk with the children.

“The whole school took part in the naming competition, each year group is taking it in turns to look after the chickens every week and the staff are coming in at weekends.

“The chickens are getting settled in now so we asked parents for their expertise to help build a bigger run and they’ve already come on board to help.

“Everyone’s really keen and the kids are enjoying looking after the chickens and learning about animal welfare and responsibility.”