New homes on Lady Edith's Drive granted approval despite more than 160 objections

Protest posters against the plan were put up on several trees along Lady Ediths Drive.
Protest posters against the plan were put up on several trees along Lady Ediths Drive.

Planning permission to build 49 new houses has been granted, despite more than 160 people objecting to it.

Scarborough Borough Council’s Planning and Development committee approved plans to build a residential development on land at Lady Edith’s Drive.

This will include 13 two-bedroom and 36 three-bedroom homes, all two-storey high, on a 1.44-hectare site.

Councillors on the committee voted in favour of the plans, but not before engaging in a lengthy debate.

After hearing from applicant Stephen Hughes, planning manager at Yorkshire Housing, Cllr Eric Broadbent praised the new development on the basis it will deliver 18 affordable homes.

He said: “We are a growing borough and we need housing developments like this that are well planned and well thought-out.”

However, other councillors raised concerns about the potential increase of traffic as well as the proximity of houses on the north east side with neighbouring properties.

The look of the design was also criticised, with Cllr David Jeffels saying the houses looked “very pedestrian”.

He said: “When you look at the area as a whole there are some attractive properties being built in the vicinity and I don’t think these properties complement the area at all.

“Yes, there is a definite need for affordable housing but I don’t think that should detract from the need for a quality design.”

Fiercely opposed to the new homes was Cllr Andrew Jenkinson, who pointed out that houses will be built in the national park.

“If this is granted,” he said, “it’ll be the start of a downward spiral and it’s just a matter of time before like-minded applications are submitted.”

He added: “166 replied to the consultation, 164 of which were objections. I don’t think it’s right for the area and I have no hesitation in turning it down.”

However, in a last push to make a case for approval, Cllr Hazel Lynskey went back to the original argument.

“I appreciate my colleagues think that the houses are not particularly nice but while there are very nice houses at the front there is also a council estate at the back and if we’re getting 30% affordable housing then we are keeping our bargain to the people who don’t have one,” she said.

Plans were approved by 12 votes to one with one abstention. As part of the approval, the application is required to fund a number of projects under a Section 106 agreement.

These include £166,500 for 12.25 new school places at Newby and Scalby Primary School, approximately £21,000 to be used on facilities at Throxenby Mere and £43,000 for children’s play equipment to be used in either the Newby or Woodlands wards.