New jobs on Cinder Track

Cindar Track Team
Cindar Track Team

WORK to improve the Cinder Track is full steam ahead following the appointment of two new maintenance staff.

Paul Sorbie and Charles Hayes recently joined the maintenance team established by Groundwork North Yorkshire with the support of Scarborough Council.

Their posts have been funded by the Poppy Factory organisation, which is a scheme to help wounded, sick and injured ex-service people back to work.

The pair will now be working on the Cindar Track, known across the area as a great asset, providing a safe walking and cycling route between Scarborough and Whitby.

Over its 21.5 mile length it never strays more than a mile from the sea and offers easy access to coast and countryside, and a route in and out of town.

The new maintenance team is dedicated to working on the track and was established following the improvements over the last two years and the production of the Cinder Track Action Plan.

Paul Sorbie, one of the Poppy Factory workers, said “I’m really enjoying working on the track. This is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and I wish I’d found it years ago.

“The variety of work required means we are getting a wealth of experience, training and qualifications within landscaping and it’s great to see a task develop from start to finish.”

Charles Hayes, Paul’s colleague, added: “I am a fit person and enjoy working outdoors so this job is ideal. I often cycle on the Cinder Track in my spare time and so it is great to now be working to improve it. We have had a lot of positive comments from the general public using the track and this adds a boost to our work. The whole team is looking forward to making more improvements to the track for everyone to enjoy.”

The Cinder Track action plan can be seen on Groundwork’s website