New turbine proposal is blown away

COUNCILLORS have decided to reject a scheme to install two wind turbines on farmland outside Burniston.

The decision was taken by members of Scarborough Council’s Planning and Development Committee after planning officers had recommended permission be refused.

Developers behind the scheme had hoped that the 50KW turbines would help power the nearby Burniston Mill but the council received more than 120 letters of objection as well as a 134 signature petition against the move.

Objectors claimed that the turbines would be too close to the village – the turbines would have been placed in a field about 300m and 430m from Coastal Road,

A spokesman for the landowner, David Morgan said the scheme would provide the operation’s energy need and have a minimal visual impact and low noise levels. He added: “Solar power has been considered but there insufficient roof area and it is not structurally suitable.”

According to a statement to Scarborough Council the site has a good wind speed which would lend itself well to wind turbines.

But members of Scarborough and District Civic Society also objected to the plan because it was too close to the village.

Chris Clark, who lives next door to the proposed development and spoke on behalf of objectors, said that the planned location for the turbines was within the heritage coast area and the turbines would not be able to provide enough power to run the mill.

Cllr David Billing said: “I know that area very well and there is a magnificent view of the castle from there. I take Cllr Backhouse’s point about the size of the turbines.”

And Cllr Mick Jay-Hanmer said: “Quite a lot of us have been involved in granting permission for wind turbines we’ve always been told that each application be taken on its merit. These two turbines are large and it has been explained. It doesn’t tick all the boxes for me.”

Cllr Jane Mortimer, the committee chairman, said: “It has to be in the right place and the Heritage Coast is not the right place.”