New turbine ‘won’t spoil the paradise’

A DEVELOPER behind a plan to install a single wind turbine near Scalby has answered his critics.

Dean Tulley has submitted the planning application for the 50kw generator – measuring 34m to the tip of the blade – on land at Scalby Hayes in Barmoor Lane.

But the move sparked outrage among neighbours who raised concerns over noise, light flicker, the close proximity to neighbouring properties, interference in TV signals and wildlife issues, and said it would spoil their ‘paradise’.

Speaking to the Evening News Mr Tulley said that some of the claims were misleading – with the most prevalent being harm to the environment and wildlife.

He said: “Such assertions are groundless and untrue. The peace and tranquillity of Scalby will not be affected by this turbine. There are far less expensive similar size turbines available and there are far more productive wind sites on our property.

“However, both the turbine and the site have been carefully chosen to have the least impact on our neighbours and the environment.

“The turbine rotates at a constant 42rpm; this ensures it is inaudible even for our nearest neighbours and any potential flicker is negligible.”

Mr Tulley added that data used by opponents of the scheme was based on research conducted for large scale windfarms and there was no similar data available for smaller single turbines because research was still ongoing.

He said: “The large wind farms typically have multiple turbines with an average hub height of 80 to 120m or more. Our project is for a single turbine with a hub height of less than 26m. Even the large scale wind farms have been shown to have negligible environmental or ecological impact when correctly sited. The RSPB has its own turbines on its own reserves and has called upon the Government to accelerate the rollout of onshore wind projects.”

He added that since moving to Scalby Hayes they had carried out several projects to enhance the environment including planting more than 170 mixed trees and almost 150m of mixed hedging.

He said: “The thought of putting anything on our land that would be detrimental to the environment or wildlife is abhorrent to us.

“The turbine will help to achieve our long-term aim of becoming entirely carbon neutral as well as providing additional green energy to help meet our local needs and obligations.”