New York Times runs Sir Jimmy obituary

AN obituary for Sir Jimmy Savile – which mentions Scarborough – has been published in the New York Times.

It was spotted by Jorvik centre designer John Sunderland, a former resident of the Scarborough area who now lives in New York, who said he was “pleasantly surprised” to see it.

The tribute appears on the newspaper’s website alongside a photograph of Sir Jim and Price Charles, taken at Scarborough’s Rotunda Museum.

It refers to Jimmy as “an acclaimed English television host whose dress, hair and verbal flummery made all other comers in a nation renowned for eccentrics look like Puritans”.

The article continues: “A puckish man, he years ago erected a memorial bench to himself in Scarborough, bearing a plaque reading, ‘Sir Jimmy Savile (But Not Just Yet)’.

“That eventuality came on Saturday.”

A section also reads: “A blunt if hyperbolic Yorkshireman, Mr Savile (the name rhymes with ‘gravel’) was simultaneously revered and ridiculed.

“On the air he served up patter that in its manic opacity verged on Dada.

“He also yodeled — often.

“Mr Savile came from a threadbare background but seemed to have transcended his roots, even those on his head.

“His hair was often a bright cascade of platinum, though as a young man, according to many news items, he once dyed it tartan plaid.

“No details are available about which clan’s tartan he chose.

“His default outfit was a shiny tracksuit, though at least once, it was reported, he hosted ‘Top of the Pops’ in a banana suit of some kind.

“Immense sunglasses, often with rose-colored lenses, were a frequent accessory.

“Mr Savile’s signature embellishment was a tangle of gold: medallions, chains and rings.

“His head-to-toe ensemble, including his ever-present cigar, can be bought as a costume, authorized by him and in its way remarkably true to life.

“Mr Savile was also widely known for charity work, and was reported to have raised more than £30 million (about $48 million) for hospitals and other causes.”