Next stage for Town Hall plan

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Planners are due to consider the results of a major public consultation into possible redevelopment of the Town Hall and Futurist sites on Thursday.

Members of Scarborough Council’s Planning Committee are due to consider the findings from 2pm.

The move comes ahead of next week’s crucial meeting of the full council when members will decide on the sites – as well as a proposed relocation of the Town Hall to a site in Eastfield.

A report by Pauline Elliott, the council’s head of regeneration, and Jill Low, the council’s planning manager, will be considered by members this afternoon.

In the report they said the members should make a recommendation to the council that the Development Brief is adopted as planning guidance.

They added: “This is to ensure that clear planning guidance is in place to help foster regeneration of a key town centre site, which also largely comprises council owned assets.”

The report highlights a number of potential risks if the move is not made including:

• Failure to agree a Development Brief could limit the range of planning benefits secured

• If the requirements of the Development Brief are too onerous this could hinder regeneration

• Negative environmental consequences could occur if sites are developed without policy guidelines or parameters

• Economic circumstances or lack of developer interest prevent redevelopment or result in blight

• Redevelopment of the site has negative consequences for other parts of the town centre area

• The Futurist was listed following the council decision to adopt the brief.

The document covers an area centred on the King Street Regeneration Area and includes the two key council-owned buildings.

According to the report’s findings there were a total of 274 responses – from the general public, members of the business and residents panels.

The report added: “Its adoption is a separate decision-making process from the disposal of land and buildings or relocation of council services.

“Although the brief is due to be considered by council at the same meeting as the Town Hall Accommodation Review, and there are obvious linkages between the two projects, it is emphasised that the reports and decisions are separate.

“In the event that the Futurist ceases to operate as a theatre and/or council services relocate from the Town Hall, it is vital that clear planning guidance is in place for this important and complex site. “

In a response from Sc arborough’s Urban Space Group it said that although, superficially the document appeared to meet many of the requirements of a development brief, closer examination had revealed a number of “potentially dangerous assumptions and omissions”.

Both the Development Brief and the results of the Town Hall accomodation review will be debated at council on July 20.