No value in closing nursery

It would appear that the statement “they knew the cost of everything but the value of nothing” would apply to the council’s proposal to close down Manor Road Nurseries, sell off the site and outsource the supplying of plants. They would then rely on unpaid volunteers to do the planting throughout the town. How many volunteers will be required? Who will be in charge to plan and oversee the planting? What transport will be allowed? Does anyone have any answers?

Councillor Jeffels was always at the front, lauding the parks department, when photographs appeared in the press when the department was winning awards for its displays. I would like to know what his views are on its disbandment.

What are the brilliant parks staff doing at the moment? Preparing to bring-on plants for next season, as they would usually be doing at this time of year, or are they standing by waiting for the axe to fall?

Now to the Spa. The recent TV transmission of the Antiques Roadshow, recorded at the Spa Grand Hall, opened with a beautiful view from the beach of the Spa buildings. Now imagine this same view with a mass of rock armour dumped unceremoniously to protect the existing elegant Victorian sea wall. There has to be a better way to strengthen the existing wall.

I see that this letter reads like a questionnaire, it would be good to get some answers,

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road