Noisy by-pass: action to keep it quiet

Seacliff residents have been inundated with noise since the by pass opened.Picture Dave Kettlewell. 113331 18/08/11
Seacliff residents have been inundated with noise since the by pass opened.Picture Dave Kettlewell. 113331 18/08/11

RESIDENTS complaining about waves of noise from the new section of the Scarborough to Bridlington road have won action at last.

Some residents said the rumble of traffic was so heavy at busy times of the day that they could not hear TV in their own lounge.

Their complaints at Sea View in the Wheatcroft area were taken two years ago by Cllr Penny Marsden after a public meeting.

The new road, the A165 Osgodby by-pass between Lebberston and Cayton Bay caravan park, emerges between South Cliff golf club and the Scarborough campus of the University of Hull.

Now work is set to start next month on a £40,000 noise reduction “bund,” an embankment of earth.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Come rush-hour the noise can be horrendous. If you open up a window, you have to turn up the TV it can get that loud. If your house was on the market, and someone came on a noisy day, they would be completely put off buying the house.”

North Yorkshire County Council has agreed to fund the building of the bund on the A165, which backs on to residents in Sea View area and which has become a popular route.

The bund will help drown out the road. Residents have been complaining about the noise since the road was built. The problem got so bad that residents organised a meeting to air their grievances to Cllr Penny Marsden.

She said: “I took this on as a project for the residents, who were clearly unhappy at the noise.

“The bund will help reduce noise pollution and create a measure of screening of the new road.

“This has taken a lot of work so I’m delighted that we have got to this stage.”

The work is expected to take around three weeks, and although traffic on the A165 will not be unduly disrupted while the work is carried out, a temporary speed limit of 30mph, and a ban on overtaking, will apply while the bund is built.

But Veronica Gant, of Sea View Crescent, feels the bund is a “waste of council money” and that not only is the sound not a big issue, but that there’s far more pressing issues that the council should be dealing with.

Mrs Gant said: “Most of the time, it’s a lovely, quiet place to live. If you go down Filey Road you see potholes everywhere and nobody is doing anything about it.”

However, Cllr Marsden said the bund was requested by the majority of residents.

As well as work on the bund, Cllr Marsden has also stated that planting, as well as work on moving a nearby public footpath, will be carried out in the autumn, with the grand total for all three projects totalling approximately £100,000