North Yorkshire blacksmith set to star in BBC series

A blacksmith based in Hinderwell will be appearing on BBC Two tonight at 9pm.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 10:27 am
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 1:38 pm
The first episode of Made in Great Britain will air tonight on BBC Two.

Katie Ventress was chosen to be one of four people to appear on Made in Great Britain which explores how our nation’s craft and manufacturing skills have shaped our towns and cities and built modern Britain.

The 29-year-old from Sandsend set up her own business over a year ago which says “has given me freedom to make whatever I can imagine”.

Katie has been a blacksmith for seven-and-a-half-years after studying an A-level in art and design at Whitby College, then 3D contemporary craft at York College.

"This has gave me freedom to make whatever I can imagine"

“When I finished my course I wasn’t sure what to do but I’ve always enjoyed making things. I then heard about apprenticeship at a local blacksmiths in Egton so I started there.”

Katie worked for six-and-a-half years and studied at Hereford Agricultural College where she learnt the craft of her trade.

She took the plunge to set up her own business, KV Artist Blacksmith, where she has really made a name for herself as she is booked up until October 2019.

And all of her work can be viewed on her website.

Her business, KV Artist Blacksmith, is booked up until this time next year.

A lot of her inspiration comes from her childhood surroundings of the coast, woodland, moors and farmland which is based around natural form.

Even now Katie is still inspired from a walk outdoors, "Every walk is different and you always see different things.

"From a small seed or a flower I think how could this be replicated in steel. I have lot of focus on detail which is where I've really homed my skills", she added.

The six-part-show gives passionate crafts people from different industries including pottery, leather work and cookery the chance to recreate things that haven’t been made for years.

Katie is heading straight back to work and producing a animal based pieces including a leaping salmon.

“Within each show different products are created which gave Katie the chance to experience other crafts in depth that she wouldn’t have normally worked with.

“It was a great opportunity and a lot of fun to try my hand at something different and see behind the scenes of crafts like leather and ceramics,” Katie added.

Katie applied for the show after seeing an advertisement on Facebook.

"Lots of friends, people I've never met and even my old college tutor sent me the link for it and told me to apply."

And despite her wealth of knowledge in the field Katie still thought that she "might not be skilled enough for it."

The first episode of Made in Great Britain will air on TV screen this evening and Katie is looking forward to reminiscing about the show because "it all happened so quickly."