North Yorkshire has no black police officers

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North Yorkshire is one of four police forces in England and Wales that has no black officers.

Home Secretary Theresa May says forces around the country do not represent the communities they serve and must increase ethnic diversity.

Four forces - North Yorkshire, Cheshire, Durham and Dyfed-Powys - do not have a single black officer, she will add.

She will also tell the National Black Police Association today thsat there are no ethnic minority chief constables, adding that it is “not good enough”.

Franstine Jones, from the National Black Police Association, said forces “need to recognise their black talent”.

The College of Policing said it was trying to improve recruitment of ethnic minority officers, “but there are no quick fixes”.

The four highlighted forces do have some officers from other ethnic minorities, according to the most recent Home Office figures.

The 43 forces in England and Wales are not racially representative of the communities they serve, says the Home Secretary.

She will also challenge police over the number of female officers, who currently make up 28% of the police workforce - despite representing 51% of the population.