Nothing but praise for dedicated NHS team

Unfortunately we hear of much criticism and negativity about the NHS both nationally, locally and in differing sectors.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 11:45 am
Updated Friday, 5th October 2018, 3:57 am
Scarborough Hospital

However in early September on a Saturday evening I was taken ill.

My wife telephoned 111 service and the operator answered immediately and soon following various questions identified that I urgently needed an ambulance.

I live out in the country and the ambulance from Bridlington manned by two ladies arrived within 20 minutes. They quickly assessed the situation, stabilised me and wheeled me into the ambulance. Further tests and assessments were done during the journey to Scarborough A&E Unit. Arriving there within about 15 minutes I was in a treatment room and soon being examined by a doctor. Further extensive tests including blood samples were carried out by several nurses.

The results on the blood tests from the laboratory were back within 2 hours and I was given immediate treatment including an intravenous drip. On recovery I was allowed to go home at midnight, some five hours later after admittance.

I cannot speak more highly of all the organisations that looked after me, from 111 operator to the ambulance service and the doctors and nurses at Scarborough A&E, and even the laboratory.

It was Saturday night and all services were incredibly busy, as you can imagine but I was still given the best care and attention.

Everyone was very professional and at the same time extremely pleasant.

They all at times need praise and a pat on the back as they work so hard and are totally committed yet must often feel deflated and despondent when they see and hear criticism and so much negativity.

Well done NHS!

Chris West

Wold Newton