Now’s the time for election for council

If our borough council is to retain any semblance of credibility it has to call an election now, before it gets on with the Futurist/town centre development.

And if it’s not inclined to do so, then an ePetition of no confidence should help it make up its mind. The last ones had a definite effect on their campaigns.

A change of council will enable the people to remove those who were behind the numerous recent fiascos and to re-install with added authority those who helped bring about sensible solutions.

But it also needs a people’s borough council to be set up to work with the Town Hall now to avoid those recent last minute protests that wasted both Town Hall’s and people’s time.

And officers’ reports have to be sorted out. We have no control over officers, although we pay them, and the last reports mixed together several issues in a complex document that was dotted with selectively chosen and unsubstantiated financial figures and which raised more questions than they answered. It may need a scrutiny group of councillors and/or members of the public to ask the questions before the documents go out on general release.

Eric Russell

Sandybed Lane