Nursery supports cancer campaign

Skylark Day Nursery
Skylark Day Nursery

PINK was the colour of the week at a Scarborough nursery as children and staff showed their support for Breast Cancer Care.

Everything was rosy at the Skylark Day Nursery, in Murray Street, as they raised £120 by taking part in the Wear it Pink campaign.

Children donned their aprons every day to bake dozens of pink buns and biscuits to sell to family and friends at their ‘pink cafe’, which opened around children’s pick- up times so parents could enjoy a snack before they went home.

The children took the orders on their clip boards, with such delights as pink milk, pink barley water, pink buns and biscuits on the menu.

Deborah Taylor, foundation area leader, said: “The children loved the whole process. They were so excited when they heard the front door open as another customer came in.

“The cafe has covered lots of different areas of learning for the children, from the baking process through to making bar graphs showing the most popular items on the menu.”

The younger children also helped to raise funds by making pink pictures for their parents and wearing pink clothing every day.

Nursery manager Tracey Elliot-Hobson said: “I have been very impressed by the hard work the children have put in to making the cafe a success.

“They really have enjoyed the whole process of planning and preparing, and not to mention the practising that went in before opening.

“It has been a great two weeks in the build up to the event and the children’s enthusiasm has been unbelievable..

“It has been a worthwhile and fun campaign for us all, knowing that we could be part of the cure.”