Objections against horse fair planning application pour in

Seamer Horse Fair...  Travellers with horses through Seamer...
Seamer Horse Fair... Travellers with horses through Seamer...

Residents have been making their voices heard about a planning application at the Seamer Horse Fair site.

A total of 28 public comments and three consultee comments were received about the application, which was open for consultation until December 24.

The application, which has been made to Scarborough Council, is for the removal of condition 2 to allow for continuing use of the site on an annual basis.

The site is located on the north side of the B1261 in Seamer.

One of the first comments received was from Scarborough’s mayor Helen Mallory, who is a councillor for Seamer ward and opposes the application.

She said: “I would ask that the permission is again restricted to either one or two years.

“This is to give a degree of comfort and assurance to the residents that the Police, NYCC and SBC will maintain a strict control of the event and will continue to reduce the duration of the travellers’ fair.”

Resident comments included one from H. Gormanly, of Crab Lane, who said: “This is not an event that should be allowed to continue in Seamer.

“If we need to provide facilities as a right under legislation in Scarborough, it should surely be spread across the whole of the borough.

“There are no ancient rights to this in Seamer - it should be another area’s turn to suffer all the disruption, stress, inconvenience and worry this event causes to the residents.”

Paul Webster, of Brigantia Gardens also commented, saying: “There are more suitable sites that could be used to hold the event, which have not yet been adequately considered by the applicant.

“In particular, I understand that in previous years Oliver’s Mount could not be used for the travellers fair as the date clashed with motorbike racing.

“This is no longer the case and this would seem a much more suitable location.”

He added that during the fair “residents and businesses face intimidation and there is an increase in reported crime and anti-social behaviour.” A decision is expected by March.