Observations from former councillor

I would like to make two observations from your most recent topics in your paper.

The councillor who resigned from the planning committee has my sympathy, I was a member of the committee for six years and I can assure him I felt the same as him on many occasions but felt obliged to continue.

I objected to quite a few applications which were down for granting by the officers, but on every occasion I was told the applicant would take it to appeal and this would cost the council money.

I question: do we need a planning committee?

My second observation regards the Futurist.

When I was on the council it employed a firm of consultants at great expense called Driver Jonas, whose task was to advise the council about entertainment venues in the town.

One of the conclusions they arrived at was that the town only required one large theatre (this was before the Open Air Theatre was built).

So I can only assume the council prefer the Spa Grand Hall as they have just finished spending £4 million on it.

Cecil Ridley

Hill Crescent Avenue