Flipping great

SKIPPING and flipping will be the themes of the day as Scarborough hosts its annual Pancake Day activities.

The town’s traditional events will get underway when Shrove Tuesday arrives next week on February 21.

Many children will once again enjoy a free afternoon from school to take part in the annual skipping event in the South Bay.

In the town centre the festivities kick off with the traditional ringing of the pancake bell on the junction of Westborough and North Street at 12 noon.

The popular Strictly Pancakes races will then begin in Aberdeen Walk.

As usual event will feature competitors battling it out in fancy dress, as teams of two flip their pancakes while sprinting down the street.

Organiser Nick Taylor said: “I am looking forward to this year’s events, and the amazing fancy dress costumes and levels of innovation people come up with.

“It is a historic day in Scarborough and it is wonderful we are still celebrating it.”

Teams in the pancakes races will be judged on their fancy dress, pancake flipping technique and the amount of pancake left in the frying pan at the end of the relay.

Pancakes are once again being provided by students at Yorkshire Coast College.

A panel of four judges will give marks out of ten to competing teams, and the team with the highest overall score will be the winner.

To enter contact Mary Turnbull or Nick Taylor (01723) 232440 or email mary.turnbull@scarborough.gov.uk