Police interrupt ‘murder’ on the railway tracks

The North Bay Railway where a murder mystery evening was interrupted by the police.
The North Bay Railway where a murder mystery evening was interrupted by the police.

A murder mystery evening almost became a real life crime scene when the ‘who did it’ scenario was interrupted by questioning police officers.

The group of amateur sleuths taking part in The Glass House Bistro’s Murdery Mystery on the North Bay Miniature Railway were left stunned when actual police officers allegedly intervened before the fictional ‘murder’ had even been committed.

Karl Hansell, 26, from Scarborough, who was participating in the mystery event on Easter Sunday said: “When we got to Scalby Mills, the cast were all dressed up and performing a scene to an audience of about 20 of us when a policeman appeared out of the dark to see what was going on.

“Nobody had even been murdered that point, if he had turned up a few minutes later he might have had a crime to solve.

“The presence of the police actually enhanced the performance. We didn’t know whether he was a genuine police officer or just a character in the mystery.

“The driver of the train spoke to the officer and explained the situation and it was quickly sorted out.

“We all just thought it was hilarious that the actual police turned up to help us solve a murder mystery.”

North Yorkshire Police have no record of the incident taking place.

North Bay Railway train driver said he was glad to see the police there as the area has been subjected to vandalism recently.

He said: “The murder mystery had reached Scalby Mills where we have been having some trouble with vandalism recently.

“The officers had seen the lights from the train and the actors’ torches in the dark and thought it was the vandals and came to investigate.

“I was really surprised when they appeared but I was just glad to see them responding given the problems we have been having.”