Russ’ help gives UFO campaign big boost

A FILEY UFO investigator has helped shed light on one of the country’s most controversial and unexplained mysteries.

Russ Kellett has revealed details of a 40-year-old UFO phenomenon which hit the Berwyn Mountains, in North Wales, in January 1974.

The mystery has intensified after experts claimed to have spoken to witnesses who saw aliens emerging from a crashed spaceship.

And Mr Kellett, who organised a Skywatch event in Crescent Gardens late last year, says he now has evidence the Ministry of Defence could have been searching for crashed alien craft that night.

He was sent a letter from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency that suggested a military operation - named Photoflash - was under way at the time.

He said: “The operation was used to light up the coast so they could see submerged UFO craft in the sea.

“I believe there were three separate craft that were flushed out of the ocean that night, military craft were involved and there was an engagement.”