Shoppers crack over egg

General shot of Morrisons logo PA
General shot of Morrisons logo PA

A brawl broke out in the aisle of a Scarborough supermarket, as a pair of stressed shoppers traded blows - over an Easter egg.

The fighters, both male, duked it out over the large egg, as horrified families watched on.

The chaos unfolded at approximately 7pm on Thursday at the Eastfield Morrisons store.

Describing the spat, an eye witness told The Scarborough News: “It was bedlam.

“They started rowing, and before you know it everything just kicked off.

“The older bloke was bigger and he started throwing windmill punches at the guy.

“Before you know it, everybody is rushing in and trying to break it up.

“You could see why they both wanted the egg, as it was a really good one, but you didn’t expect that.”

“I was stunned, as I’d only popped in to buy some hot cross buns.”

The scenes came as shoppers throughout the borough frantically stocked up on goodies ahead of the bank holiday weekend.

Most shops will either close, or cut opening hours, over the next four days.

Management at Morrisons say they have no record of the incident, and police were not called.