Superman stolen by ‘42ft thief’

Bonson tried to flee with a replica doll of Superman (pictured)
Bonson tried to flee with a replica doll of Superman (pictured)
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A witness who watched a light-fingered thief steal a Superman doll claimed the culprit was the same size as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The eye-witness told police that crook Lee Bonson stood at 508 inches, or 42ft – which is roughly the length of the fearsome prehistoric beast.

But while the now extinct dinosaur was the king of the Jurassic period, Bonson’s reputation is slightly less impressive – with even his own solicitor branding him “stupid”.

The 33-year-old admitted stealing the two-feet high replica of the Man of Steel from the Brunswick Centre branch of Argos on December 11.

At Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on Monday, the court heard how Bonson was witnessed walking into the store looking “suspicious”.

Bonson, of James Street, Scarborough, picked up the £24.99 replica, and attempted to “brazenly” walk out of the store with it in his hand.

However, when spotted he dropped the doll and attempted to flee out of store.

When quizzed later on about the theft, he said he had pinched it for a friend who had wanted the doll but couldn’t afford it.

But talking about the incident, his solicitor, Robert Vining, said: “One word sums it up – stupid.”

And speaking of the eye-witness’ gaffe, in which they claimed Bonson was 508 inches rather than 5ft8, Mr Vining said the slip-up was “ironic”.

Bonson, who has previously appeared before the court for other crimes including a dishonesty offence, left the court with his freedom intact.

Instead, magistrates slapped him with a £180 fine, and ordered him to pay an additional £20 surcharge.