TV chef takes a swipe at Scarboro’ surfers

James Martin
James Martin

CELEBRITY chef James Martin may have landed himself in deep water after criticising Scarborough’s surfers.

During his BBC1 show Saturday Kitchen he said that they just “bob up and down next to the shopping trollies”.

The TV chef, who trained at Yorkshire Coast College and whose father worked at Castle Howard, has just opened a new restaurant in Leeds at the Alea Casino, Clarence Dock.

But now he is certainly not flavour of the month with Steve Crawford, who runs Fluid Concept surf school in Scarborough.

He said: “I hope his souffles fall and his crumbles crumble! For someone who trained here to know so little about the surf scene is a shame.

“Next time he is in town I will happily take him surfing for nothing and show him what it’s really like.”