Old boots wanted for Africa

THE Rotary Club of Scarborough is appealing for young footballers to join a nationwide campaign to get as many pairs of old boots as possible to send to Africa.

It is hoped that the initiative will help youngsters in Africa to get as much enjoyment from the game as children in the UK.

A club spokesman said: “Please save your old boots. This will be a wonderful opportunity for these African children to own a pair of football boots like you. This will also help to improve these children’s health in these countries.

“So if you got a new pair of boots for Christmas remember the children not so lucky as you.”

Old and unwanted pairs of football boots can be taken to the YMCA in St Thomas Street and handed into reception for attention of The Rotary Club of Scarborough.

The appeal is being sponsored by Stoneacre/Polar Ford and by Sir Richard Branson – who will fly the boots to Africa free of charge.