Olympic Legacy pool set to come to Scarborough

Weaponness Valley Road car and coach park, as seen from Olivers Mount.  Picture by Andrew Higgins  112067h  20/05/11
Weaponness Valley Road car and coach park, as seen from Olivers Mount. Picture by Andrew Higgins 112067h 20/05/11

Scarborough Council is set to be awarded an Olympic Legacy pool, as part of its ambitious plans to develop a sports village in the town.

The authority has been gifted one of the six eight-lane pools from Sport England, which it’s expected to approve at a behind-closed-doors Full Council meeting on November 4.

It had applied to the Department for Culture Media and Sport for the pool, which there are only six of nationally.

The council say it still has to satisfy a string of conditions before the conditional offer can become unconditional, but it’s understood that’s merely a formality, before the council vote to receive the pool.

Chris Bourne, Scarborough Borough Council’s Projects Manager said: “As with any grant application, before the award can be finalised there are a number of conditions which need to be discharged before the offer becomes unconditional and the council is working with Sport England and the preferred developer to satisfy these conditions.

“The acceptance of the pool by the council is also subject to Full Council agreeing to give permission to accept this ‘grant’ as part of a detailed report, which will also cover other aspects of the leisure village project.

“It is proposed that the development programmes for the dry side and wet side facilities would run concurrently but as separate projects.”

It’s the latest step forward in terms of bringing the Weaponness Leisure Village, which would also incorporate a football ground, to life.

But Scarborough’s Sam Greetham, from the Amateur Swimming Association, says that he’s disappointed the pool couldn’t have been bigger - as he feels if it had, it could have been a major attraction for the town.

“If it had been a ten lane pool, then Scarborough could have hosted national and international competitions,” said Mr Greetham.

“It would bring people into Scarborough, so that they stay in Scarborough and spend in Scarborough. In my view this is yet another major attraction that we have missed out on.”

The Scarborough News understands that the pool is currently being stored in Newcastle, until the council give it the green light.