Opinion: Any hints of regret from Leavers over EU vote?

Greatest loser of all in EU referendum was David Cameron.
Greatest loser of all in EU referendum was David Cameron.

Am I alone in detecting hints of regret among Leavers?

Many Leave voters expected that their ‘X’ would stop immigration. Wasn’t that what they were promised? But surely, they are reasonable people. Let’s say they only expected that the drawbridge would come up after the weekend, not on the Friday morning. Immigration would end on 27 June. (Check out Daniel Hannan’s interview on Newsnight)

Oh yes, and about that £350 million pounds a week that we were promised for the NHS. Let’s be reasonable, Leave voters didn’t expect that we could have all the doctors and nurses we wanted until the following Tuesday. (Check out Nigel Farage’s interview, also on Newsnight)

Wait a minute, we stopped immigration on Monday, which means that they can’t come from Greece (where the last two doctors treating my Angina originated). Let’s just strip Africa of their medics instead.

Wales emphatically voted to Leave. However, they are the greatest recipients of EU money in Britain. Is there some expression about turkeys and Christmas that fits here?

Oh yes, goodbye Scotland.

Mr Corbyn’s Labour Party response has been wetter and more dismal than a Sunday in January. Should he survive so far, the catastrophic decline of his Labour Party will leave me with a serious dilemma about where to put my cross at the next election.

Perhaps the greatest loser in all this is David Cameron. He called the referendum in an attempt to staunch the haemorrhage of Conservative voters to UKIP. That miscalculation has ended his political career.

I suspect that Leave supporters never actually thought it would happen. There would be a nice little protest vote, so the thinking went, the politicians would get a kicking, and things would go on much as before. The trouble is, this is not a General Election. We can’t change our minds and give the other lot a go in five years time. We are out.

So what are we left with? Add that to the prospect of Mr Trump as President and the future looks dark indeed.