Opinion column: In or Out? Debate goes on

The In or Out debate will possibly go on to the end of 2017.
The In or Out debate will possibly go on to the end of 2017.

It is possibly almost two years away, but the debate about our membership of the EU now has the two opposing factions lining up to give their presentations on whether we should stay in or whether we would be better off out.

By the time the vote arrives we will all be heartily sick of it I’m sure.

There is no doubt our country has changed drastically in the last decade, the ethnic population is much more diverse than ever and it attracts strong feelings on all sides.

Immigration, of course, is a big factor and attracts much passion from people worrying about the effect it has on public services, etc.

We live in a world that is in flux, perhaps more so than at any time since the war and we are possibly seeing a move towards the break-up of our United Kingdom if the SNP gets its way – all very disturbing.

My own concern is the attempt to change our culture, a culture which was formed on a Christian background and whatever one’s views on religion, has served the country well over decades, providing a sound and fair basis for our laws and standards in life.

Political correctness is increasingly impinging on free speech and people are frightened to mention anything about this in case the racism finger is pointed at them, but the greatest change to our way of life in this country is from increasing numbers of immigrants from a Muslim background who would like to see their way of life in this country.

This really is a debate our politicians should grasp and discuss firmly and fairly instead of dancing around it as now, free of attempts to silence proper debate under the ‘racism’ card.