Opinion: Ineptitude of EU debate

Both sides in the EU debate have been inept in presenting their cases.
Both sides in the EU debate have been inept in presenting their cases.

When the debate started, I assumed I would yawn my way through a tsunami of indifference and boredom.

Imagine my surprise that this has turned out not to be the case. I can not say that I am riveted, but it is not as dull as I expected.

The reason? It’s the sheer ineptitude of both sides in presenting their case and the offensive nature of the terms they choose to use. They really seem not to like each other very much. And trying to get a grip of the issues is like trying to eat spaghetti with a pick and shovel.

When politicians lack acuity, and inject venom, there is fun to be had for all.

I imagine the ‘No’ group sitting round a table saying: “We need something snappy that even the public can remember. Let’s link ‘Brit’ to ‘exit’, got it – BREXIT!

I assume the model for this was ‘Grexit’, coined by The Economist when it looked like Greece was on its way out of the Euro in 2012.

We then had the division into the armed camps. Twins of evil Boris and Govey on one side with the cam-belt, Alastair Campbell and David Cameron, driving the other. Simple. In order to know which way to vote all we have to do is just work out which is the less offensive of those pairings

However, the biggest insult was The Sun’s assumption that anyone would care what the Queen thought about all this. She is, of course, a focus for veneration for some and, at the very least, the holder of an office which is essential to our constitution, but why we should be interested in what she thinks about the EU is beyond me. I suppose the story sold some copies.

It is the likes of The Sun and The Mail, with their owners red in tooth and claw, that are driving this debate to ever greater depths. As one who has resolutely refused all of Mr Murdoch’s media offers (I will even sacrifice Test matches rather than watch Sky), I think that if he wants us to get out, I want to stay.