Opinion: Inspiring staff go extra mile to aid patient care

They say that charity begins at home, and that is no more evident than here at York Teaching Hospital Charity. As community fundraiser, it is a pleasure to have such a wonderful community of supporters right on my doorstep, inside Scarborough Hospital. Loyal members of staff from across the Trust get involved in fundraising activity to improve the environment and '¨facilities for the patients they care for.

Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 11:30 am
Occupational therapists took part in a run for all event last year to raise funds for York Teaching Hospital Charity.

I am privileged to hear many stories about the amazing care that patients and their families receive each day and it is clear that we are blessed with fantastic staff who do their utmost to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Unbeknown to many, though, is the amount of 
additional time that many staff members in the hospital give to fundraise for York Teaching Hospital Charity.

Staff are continually raising money to enhance the facilities and improve the environment within their wards and departments, over and above what can be funded through an ever tightening NHS budget.

Last September, we had nine brave members of staff jump out of a plane from 10,000ft.

Their motivation – to raise money to improve the hospital environment for patients with dementia. They raised an astounding £5,500 –and this is just one example.

Members of staff from different parts of the hospital are giving up their time to take on a challenge, organise an event or coming up with ideas to raise funds all of the time.

Helping to improve facilities, create a better environment or help fund a piece of equipment within the hospital so that the people of Scarborough have a better experience when they come in for care and treatment.

At Christmas, the staff of the Outpatient department baked cakes and served teas and coffees to patients and raised an amazing £361.20.

The Special Care Baby Unit staff organised the wonderful SCBU Toddle and helped to raise over £4,000 which has been used to create a milk kitchen on the unit. It is inspiring to see the lengths that the staff here at Scarborough Hospital will go to ensure that they can provide the best possible care to their patients.

We are very lucky here in Scarborough to have such a dedicated team of people caring for us, all willing to go that extra step to make a difference.

This inspiration is contagious and it is clear that there is also an incredible community outside the hospital walls, getting involved and going to extraordinary lengths to support their 
local hospital.

They will get their mention next time, but for now – thank you to all the amazing staff at Scarborough Hospital for going above and beyond for the people of Scarborough, and anyone else that needs care in our facilities across the community.

Of course, don’t forget, if you would like to get involved we have plenty of events, from the Yorkshire Three Peak challenge and Great North Run places, to bucket collections galore throughout the year.

Please call Maya on 01723 236210, email [email protected] or visit www.york.nhs.uk/fundraising to find out more.