A life less ordinary in Scarborough: Comment

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Dear Reader

Scarborough’s Spa has hosted many historic political party conferences over the decades, with keynote speeches that have echoed over the centuries, and with a gamut of the big names. Our conference strategy is extremely important to our profile and prosperity and it is regrettable that we no longer have the big national gatherings in the same way. The big party conferences, the teachers and a whole range of national organisations have switched to other towns and cities where transport links, the range of accommodation and digital connections might be more trendy.

But we are pleased to welcome the new Art Party on Saturday, a novel gathering that will highlight significant themes about culture, drama, the arts generally, and other points that should transcend party politics. Communities are more than just about budgets; they need to have encouragement for souls and imaginations that help to make life less ordinary. Saturday’s event is couched in silliness and in

humour but it is actually a serious platform about creativity, and how it cannot be quantified, and how dangerous it is for society if the

nation’s youth is funnelled into a narrowed education.

> Ed Asquith> Editor

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