Dear Reader

We all want Benchmark to succeed in its aim of creating new forms of all-weather attractions that will uplift the quality and range of Scarborough’s attractions.

But we have to say that its lack of action with regard to geese flying to their deaths into the cloud-coloured end wall at The Sands is dreadful.

The situation has been causing alarm for years, and it was only recently that there was a promise of action.

That followed the petition containing hundreds of readers’ signatures.

But as yet nothing done, nothing imminent, nothing specific.

How much longer will it take before something is done to stop the sad sight of these wildbirds smashing their beaks into a brick wall?

We are not blaming the local management operators but if the problem is a lack of cash, we will launch an appeal. The money will be raised very quickly by our readers.

The colour of the wall has to be changed, in consultation with bird experts, without more months and years.

Until then, the obvious dents in that wall will stand as a symbol to visitors that wildlife does not mean that much to us.

Ed Asquith


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