Dear Reader: the Scarborough survey

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Dear Reader

Our unprecedented coverage of opinion on What is the real Scarborough has created a stir – and a great range of useful, considered commentary.

So a lot of words but what are the core points? Firstly, that there is an overwhelming affection for Scarborough, its history and culture, its topography and its heritage. And what should be the Scarborough 2014 Manifesto to make sure Scarborough soars onward and upward? This:

l A new, creative, dynamic agenda to give Scarborough a vibrant, go-ahead and adventurous reputation, as it has had in past generations

l Greater attention and promotion of the cultural, artistic and performance dimension

l Urgent reduction in town centre retail rates

l A bigger push to help youth employment and youth and adult apprenticeships

l A revision of police strategy away from easy traffic targets to on-street, proactive policing

l A higher level of customer service across-the-board

l More help for small business and retailers with a less damaging parking policy

l Tackling the welfare dependency culture and the drug, drinking ne’er-do-wells

l A modern cinema and all-weather attraction

l A warmer welcome at the gateways to the town, particularly along Seamer Road, with flags flying aloft.

> Ed Asquith> Editor

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